Видео разбор песни «Death — Misanthrope. Урок для начинающих»

Настройка гитары: Ре (на один тон ниже относительно стандартного строя)

Текст песни:

From above and around,
Observation are collected
Knowledge is taken in by curious life forms
That may bring hope from beyond
Beneath the giver of life, our sun
An examination of another kind is done

A view from those who stood high
And breathed the sky
An opinion from below and from above

Some were decided, some were not
A few looked away, but none forgot

Hater of all manking
There is some hope
For those who own their mind
They came, they saw and acknowledged
Some good, some bad
Opinion: dangerous

Solo: schuldinger

Stay where you are, don't get consumed
By what they created from sheer neglect
In denial of years and years of
Shattered souls
That were lost to the power of
Fragile, frightfuul minds.

Автор разбора: Ivan Selivanov

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