Tokio Hotel — World Behind My Wall

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Текст песни:

It's raining today
The blinds are shut
It's always the same
I tried all the games that they play
But they made me insane
Life on TV
It's random
It means nothing to me
I'm writing down
What I cannot see
Wanna wake up in a dream

They're telling me
It's beautiful
I believe them
But will I ever know
The world behind my wall
The sun will shine
Like never before
One day I will be
Ready to go
See the world behind my wall

Trains in the sky
Are travelling
Through fragments of time
They're taking me to parts
Of my mind
That no one can find

I'm ready to fall
I'm ready to crawl
On my knees to know it all
I'm ready to heal
I'm ready to feel

...Take me there!

Автор разбора: Роберт

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  1. Егор:

    Отлично =)

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  2. Арман:

    Класс) Еще бы акустическую версию Monsoon сюда) Думаю многие фанаты меня поддержат)

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