Royal Hunt — Not My Kind

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Текст песни:
Time is running out, you're left behind
Can't you see — you're not my kind?
Somebody's gain's built on somebody's loss —
Friendship of ourswas a beautiful ghost
Better run home — put a hell of a race —
Get yourself a pretty, brand new face
You're not my kind.
Tell me your dream and I'll tell you your soul.
Higher we climb? Even harder we fall
Son of a bitch keeps on hangin' around —
Stay away or I'll rip your heart out.
Hustling left and right — so this is your kind?
Time is running out, just let it go
Search your heart and you will find
Seeds of hate and envy, left to grow.
Can't you see — you're not my kind?
Year after year, all those battles we've fought...
Hard to believe — but you've got yourself caught
Nowhere to hide, now you're under attack —
Nice lil'load and it broke your back
Scream into the night — so this is your kind?

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  1. Муртазин Денис:

    Отлично, ожидания оправданы.спасибо

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