Moonspell — Everything Invaded (solo)

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Moonspell — Everything Invaded (solo) на электрогитаре

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Текст песни:

From the soul to its waste
The Common hates his evil twin —
Everything invaded
In its simplicity

How did you get inside me?

Still all fascinated
Invaded — by everything

In the first morning light
The touch of death covering skies
Everything invaded
And all the fears inspired

How did you get inside me?

Still all celebrated
Invaded — by everything

Everything so full
In the lives I have taken with me
All our moments wasted
All is getting in

Still all violated
Divided by everything

And all the grace disturbed
All existence — false
All your dead generations!
I am a son of yours
And I am coming back

Everything invaded
In its finality
Tell me will it hurt
When you get out— outside of me?

Everything is breaking
Why have we ever stopped here
Everything invaded
I am a son of yours
And I am giving up

Everything invaded
Invaded by everything

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  1. Данила:

    Не подскажите название хасбакеров на гитаре автора видео?

  2. Андрей:

    скажите пожалуйста где взять ключ на гитар про.

  3. яяцык:

    стандартные хамбакеры фирмы b.c. rich Обычно они ставятся на заводские гитары...

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