Disarmonia Mundi — Mindtricks

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Disarmonia Mundi — Mindtricks на электрогитаре

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Настройка Dropped A#, то есть все струны кроме пятой спущены на два тона, а шестая — на три

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Текст песни:
Feed the poison in your veins
And withstand the collapse of a world of fools
All your fears
Torn apart
Like a sparkle in the dark
Be aware of yourself rip the decaying parts away

Enclosing ways of mind
Revive into my eyes
I feel your idle grasp around my neck fading away
Encoding waves of mind
Revive into my eyes
While I'm screaming now for a last time

Fragile and disfigured
Nemesis born from ashes
All the answers you seek lie locked in your mind
Raging windows blow the sadness storming
The spires of deceit
And still the answers you miss lie locked in your mind

The face inside the mirror
With eyes so cold
Is staring right into you
Draining your soul
As it slowly reaches to your brain
So crystal clear
The awareness that your inner demons are unleashed

Grant my eyes to see
Faces I once knew now they look so hollow
Grant me hands to feel
My forgotten dreams in a world of shadows

All the bastards in your way
Resurrecting unbound beyond common rules havoc, ascend!
From the spires of deceit
Spread your restless spirit and blacken the sun

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  1. Михаил:

    А можно ли заказать разбор песни путем перевода денег по почте?

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  2. ADMIN:

    Михаил, пишите нам на указанную почту — все обговорим.

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