Carcass — R**k The Vote (вступление)

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Настройка B, то есть все струны спущены на 2,5 тона

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Текст песни:
Hands In Another's Pocket,
The Bed They Make,
Is Not The One In Which They Lie,
The Same Old Faces,
The Same Old Establishment,
The Same Old Lies,
Cross Your «X»,
It's Your Only Voice,
Do As You're Told,
Don't Rock The Boat,
And Buy What You're Sold,

Believe The Lie,
The Line That You Toe,
Doing Fine,
If You Just Do As You're Told,

No Dissident Voices,
The Faces Merge,
Are One, Absolute,
A Comfortable, Privileged,
White Over Belly,
No Threat, No Change,
No Gain, Just Pain,
The Same Old Scheme,
No Hope, No Choice,
No Future, No Voice,
This Is No Pipe Dream,
All Is Not What It Seems,

Believe The Lie,
The Line That You Toe,
You'll Do Just Fine.

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