Amon Amarth — Pursuit of Vikings

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Текст песни:
The warm sun returns again.
And the snow is melting.
Sea ice is free from chains.
Winter retreats.

Standing by the ocean
We listen to the waves
Beckoning us with the tide
sail to our destiny.

One! Bring our ships
Direct our axes, spears and swords.
Guide us through storms
the cruel war.

Our ships are waiting on the shore.
The time has come to leave
our country, family and hearth
for the wealth in the east.

Some of us are screwed.
But it will not knock us.
Our destinies are woven Norns.

Ram through the nose of the ship.
And when we set our sails
Strong breeze blows in them.
He will bring us into the sea
With hope and pride.
And that would be nice
who will die with a sword in his hand.

Автор разбора: Ivan Selivanov

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  1. Андрей:

    очень хорошо объяснил))) а можно узнать что за аппаратуру использовал автор? хочу добиться такого же звучания)))

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  3. Ivan S.E.:

    амплитьюб 3 и всё

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